Modern Essentials Book (6th Edition, 2nd Printing, September 2014)


Modern Essentials Book (6th Edition, 2nd Printing, September 2014)


This popular hardcover book is truly one of a kind. Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is perfect for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses. It is thedefinitive guide, whether you are a new or an experienced essential oils user.

Features of the New Edition:

  • Stunning new design incorporates more full-color photographs, descriptive charts, and illustrations.
  • New oils appear in sections throughout the book.
  • New design of "Single Essential Oils" and "Essential Oil Blends" sections features an updated "Quick Facts" box for simple reference on the basics of any oil or oil blend.
  • "The Science and Application of Essential Oils" section enhances knowledge with illustrations and explanations on essential oils, benefits, historical background, safety information, and more.
  • New entry on "How Essential Oils Interact with the Body" highlights scientific research and safety data.
  • New entry on "Ensuring Essential Oil Purity and Quality" features diagrams and illustrations showing the processes for testing essential oils.
  • Easy-to-understand definitions follow each medical condition listed in the "Personal Usage Guide" section.
  • Hundreds of research studies appear in added footnote references throughout the book.
  • Listings of all of the essential oils and oil blends include chemical constituents, historical uses, application suggestions, safety data, and much more.
  • Essential oils solutions offer help with everything from common disorders like acne to more serious illnesses like diabetes.
  • Illustrated charts display information on auricular points, reflex hand and foot therapy, and the autonomic nervous system.
  • New "Additional Notes" pages for personal observations and reference appear after the sections on "Single Essential Oils," "Essential Oil Blends," and "Essential Oil-Inspired Wellness Supplements."
  • 6th Edition, 2nd Printing, October 2014.
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Table of Contents

The Science and Application of Essential Oils

  • An Introduction to Essential Oils
  • A Brief History of Essential Oils
  • How Essential Oils Interact with the Body
  • Ensuring Essential Oil Purity and Quality
  • Essential Oil Constituents
  • Topical Application
  • Auricular Internal Body Points
  • Reflexology Hand and Foot Charts
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Aromatic Application
  • Nose and Olfactory System
  • The Art of Blending
  • Internal Application
  • Daily Tips for an Essential Lifestyle

Single Essential Oils
Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Inspired Wellness Supplements
Personal Usage Guide

  • How to Use This Section
  • Dilution Chart
  • Additional Notes on Using Essential Oils
  • Personal Usage Guide

Appendix and References

  • Appendix A: Body Systems Chart
  • Appendix B: Single Essential Oils Property Chart 
  • Appendix C: Taxonomical Information
  • Research References
  • Bibliography 

Quick Usage Chart