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Instant Expert Webinar

In this webinar, you will start on your journey to becoming an Essential Oils Expert by following our recipes for blending your own essential oils products using the essential oils in dōTERRA's Family Physician Kit. Discover the basics of blending so you can customize your essential oils products specific to your needs.

This valuable webinar will equip you with the knowledge to blend 6 unique blends to assist in your family's wellness. We will provide the recipes to create 6 different essential oils recipes (Wellness Collection № 1). If you have your own Family Essentials Kit, you are all set! If you don't have oils yet, don't worry. We will be offering a special promo only for webinar attendees to get your very own Family Essentials Kit!

We created the Instant Expert classes for essential oils users to be able to maximize the benefits they receive from the oils. Many people have bottles of oils and aren't sure how to use them, or just need some ideas to create blends for their family's specific health concerns. The Instant Expert class will empower you with the knowledge and recipes to create your own custom blends at home.

Webinar attendance will be limited, so reserve your spot today!