Win a Lotus Diffuser: Facebook Giveaway

One of our favorite ways to experience essential oils is through diffusing them! We have diffusers in our homes and in our offices, and diffuse essential oils to help us sleep, for focus at work, to boost our moods... really, for anything we can think of! 

We are giving you the opportunity to WIN one of our favorite diffusers, the Lotus Diffuser (valued at $119), for FREE! All you have to do is:

  1. "Like" Essential Oils Bar on Facebook, and share the giveaway post (make sure you share the post publicly, or else we won't see your entry)
  2. We will announce the winner on April 1, 2015 (we promise, this isn't an April Fool's joke! 😜) 
  3. Comment below with your favorite essential oil (or the one you would most like to try) to get your name entered in our giveaway twice for an extra chance to win!

Some of our favorite diffuser blends!

How To Select The Perfect Essential Oil Diffuser

How To Select The Perfect Essential Oil Diffuser

Let's be honest, one of the reasons a lot of us were drawn to essential oils in the first place is because they smell good! Even if they didn't provide us such amazing health benefits, we would probably still love to diffuse them solely for the delicious aroma many of them have. So, how do you know which diffuser is right for you? Read on for my tips on selecting the perfect diffuser.